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Learn where your child excels and where they need more practice and support using the Curriculum Progress Reports and the Report Cards available in Parent Account.

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Schools Using Prodigy

Full curriculum access for students, parents, and schools. No cost, ever.

As a school leader partnering with Prodigy, you’ll get:

Zero-cost training tailored to your own and your staff’s needs

An exclusive dashboard with progress and usage reports, from the student to school level

School support team to provide implementation management and ongoing support

How does Prodigy empower teachers?

ADAPTIVE algorithm allows for uniquely paced learning paths

Completely aligned to the CBSE & ICSE Curriculum

Provides ENGAGING experience in Math to students

EASE OF IMPLEMENTATION for teachers to reduce manual work 

DIFFERENTIATION through relevant content for each student

View REPORTS to pinpoint where students are struggling

Prodigy Partners

Join over 1 million teachers & 50 million students worldwide by bringing Prodigy to your school today!

Here is what Prodigy has to offer schools:

Account creation for teachers and students

Student onboarding and teacher training

Exclusive dashboards for principals, teachers and parents

Teachers are talking about Prodigy!

Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

Neetu Kwatra

After playing Prodigy game, most of the kids are getting over their phobia of learning math, as they learn concepts in a fun way at their own pace

KR Mangalam School, New Delhi

Anuradha Lochab

Teachers have so much control over the learning process of students on this platform. Students get to practice math skills which are handpicked by teachers in the form of planners and assignments.

Royal Concorde International School, Bangalore


Students are immensely benefited from practising math skills on this platform. Their screen time is being used productively and parents are also happy about the same.

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Summaries of weekly Progress Reports and monthly Report Cards are delivered right to your inbox so you can continue to motivate your child as they learn.

Set Goals and send Rewards

Encourage your child to learn more math by setting goals and by sending celebratory in-game Rewards once they achieve them.

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Use our How-To articles to make your math lessons more engaging and effective — from supplementing math content to standardized test prep; formative assessments to differentiation!

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