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Learn how Prodigy helps millions of students across the world to learn math in an easy, fun and engaging way.

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Create Assignments 


Prodigy's easy-to-use teacher dashboard can help in creating assignments with just a few clicks. In addition, you can also personalize these assignments for every topic, create targeted learning regardless of the grade, and conduct standardized tests for your students.

Identify trouble spots through placement tests, track student's progress with weekly reports and view individual student reports on your dashboard. Prodigy provides an extensive diagnostic analysis on every student’s progress for better outcome understanding.

Track Real-Time


Introduce game-based learning in your school with curriculum aligned math questions. Prodigy has over 50 different curricula for classes 1 - 8 including ICSE and CBSE boards to ensure that the questions are aligned with your school’s syllabus at every level.

Curriculum Aligned 


Prodigy eliminates the process of manual grading. It automatically scores students’ assignments and tests based on a standardized grading system. This gives a comprehensive understanding of a student’s performance, saves time and also helps in identifying challenges.

Standardized Grading 


Join over 1.5 million teachers, 50 million students, and 3 million parents on the world's most engaging math platform. Refer your school leader/administrator/principal to get started!


Prodigy covers over 1400 different math topics and skills for grades 1-8 to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of the subject. With over 75,000 questions to choose from, Prodigy makes sure that students proactively participate and master their math skills.

Adaptive technology to address every child’s needs

Prodigy’s adaptive algorithm determines every student's math proficiency and suggests appropriate learning through a standardized curriculum tree that determines the next set of skills. Prodigy also features the differentiation of content between students. This type of targeted learning ensures that each one of your students succeeds at their own pace.

Teachers can view reports, track progress and get access to all the educational material and dashboard for free. The prodigy game is completely free for teachers and can be accessed through multiple devices. Create daily tasks, assign homework, and monitor your students progress in real time, at no extra cost or upgrades.

Prodigy is free - forever

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Teachers love Prodigy

After playing Prodigy game, most of the kids are getting over their phobia of learning math, as they learn concepts in a fun way at their own pace.

Neetu Kwatra

Venkateshwar International School, Delhi

Students’ areas of weakness & limitations in Math can be identified with just the click of a mouse and a complete report is presented for our understanding.

Renuka Trehan

Venkateshwar International School, Delhi

Students are very excited to learn mathematical concepts by playing Prodigy. Parents are extremely happy as their kids are learning while they enjoy.

Swati Chabbra

Venkateshwar International School, Delhi

Schools Using Prodigy

Schools Using Prodigy

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Learn how Prodigy helps millions of students across the world to learn math in an easy, fun and engaging way.